Why Goal Setting Isn't Enough

Why Goal Setting Isn't Enough

What I have learned over the past 12 years working with clients as a Health and Wellness Coach is that goal setting isn't just about coming up with a goal and your forward action. It's about so much more; like changing the stories we tell ourselves, our mindset, and the words we use that get in the way of us moving towards what we desire.

As a Certified Health and wellness coach I work with clients on setting meaningful goals in regard to their health and wellness. Some common goals I often hear from clients are loose weight, reduce stress, physical activity, eat healthier, and have more work life balance.There's nothing wrong with these goals, they are high level and focused on the desired result. But if we want lasting change we need to ask ourselves this question – What's Important about (My Goal) for me? This question helps us to tap into our intrinsic motivation, which is the long term sustainable motivation versus those extrinsic motivators. Keeping in mind that it's not the goal that matters to us, it's what the goal gives us that matters to us the most.As any coach will tell you, visual reminders are important when we are working towards a new state, so I often suggest to my clients to do a poster, collage, painting, list or similar of your list of reasons why this goal is so important to you and place it somewhere where you can see it.

Once you have your list of all the reasons why this goal is so important to you, it's then time to brainstorm ideas on forward action/steps and picking at least one that you will do.

Now that you have come up with your forward action/step(s) it's important to ask yourself a series of questions including, what do you need to stop, continue or start doing in order to achieve your forward action/step(s)?This is where you will start to notice your limiting beliefs, stories, thoughts, and mindset that will get in the way of changing the behaviors and achieving your desired state/goal.

If you are ready to take your health and well-being to the next level, Ignite My Wellness may be what you are looking for. In this targeted laser coaching program our certified wellness coaches work with you to help you create meaningful health and wellness goals for lasting behaviour change.

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Sherry Matheson, CPCC, ORSCC, CHWC, PCC

Organizational Development Consultant and 12 Weeks Coach

Sherry has worked as a 12 Weeks to Wellness coach for over 7 years. As a coach, Sherry is insightful and fully present, bringing a deep compassion and conviction for her clients and who they are becoming. Sherry's strengths include flexibility in order to manage all the different variables. She keeps clients focused, reminding them of what is important.

Sherry genuinely wants to understand her clients and their goals, what is holding them back, so they can move forward powerfully, taking risks and reaching their full potential. Sherry ensures her clients accomplish and achieve something tangible in every session by facilitating and encouraging innovative and collaborative leadership. 

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