Turning your New Years resolution into a sustainable lifestyle change


January marks the beginning of something new, a new day, a new outlook, a new year. There is nothing that says 'fresh start' more than January One. Most New Year's Resolutioners begin their plan for change with good intentions. The desire for change is strong and the hope for something new is high.

If the opportunity for change is so great at the beginning of the year, why is it that so many are back to where they began within the first three months of the year?

Some of the most common lifestyle oriented New Years Resolutions include starting an exercise program, eating healthier and losing weight.
This year, instead of starting your year out with a New Year's Resolution, try shifting it to a Lifestyle Solution. 

A lifestyle solution is a healthy approach to shifting something in your life that you want to change. A solution is a means of solving a problem. For example, if you want to eat healthier, consider how you might effectively achieve that. When you are creating your lifestyle solution plan, think about issues like how much more time you need to plan your meals, what you need at the grocery store and when you will do your cooking.

So instead of setting a new year's resolution this year, consider what it is you want to achieve and then apply a lifestyle solution approach instead of a short-term resolution to getting what it is you want. 

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