Lets get some clarity on effective Goal Setting

Goal Setting in 2021

We all know that this time of year is filled with thoughts of new beginnings and "resolutions" but what if instead of short-term goals, we could take a deeper dive into understanding what we really want and need? Below are some tips to help you get clear.

Before we can head in the direction we desire, it's important to understand where we've come from. Take some time to reflect on the year gone by and write down the answers to some of the questions below. Perhaps in your phone, computer or take a pen to paper. Reflection will allow us to have a clearer idea of where we spent our energy previously and what we may need to adjust. Writing it down also allows us to have something to look back on next year.
What went well for you in 2020? How are your relationships? How is your career? How are your health and wellbeing? What do you wish you would have done more? What could you have removed?

Give yourself a WIN
Next, let's take a look at some projects you may not have finished. Is there something you could do that can be accomplished in less than 2 hours? Tackle something on that list. Something like cleaning up a drawer or hanging up a picture. That sense of completion will give you a fresh start and help be a catalyst for future tasks. Let's check those things off our lists!

Dreams & Goals
Fantasizing about our dreams & goals can be wonderful but how can we make those dreams a reality? Take some time to think about what your dreams look like. Who is there with you? What kind of activities are you engaging in? And what can you do today to help you get a little closer? Once we can identify the feelings and experiences around our dreams and goals, they will become more clear and we can break them down into milestones. For example, if one of your goals for 2021 is to be healthier, aim to do 1% better each and every day. That could be something as simple as starting your day with a glass of water to kickstart your metabolism or starting your day with 5 minutes of meditation. By breaking down the steps of the goal, it becomes much more attainable. If your dream is around having or making more money, dig a little deeper. What would you be doing if money was not a concern? Is there an urge to travel? To provide for a loved one? Or peace of mind? 

Make yourself a priority
Now that we have a clearer picture of our dreams and goals, it's time to take care of ourselves by making ourselves a priority. Find a way to do something that brings you joy and gives you a positive jolt. It could be something like making a phone call to that person who's been on your mind instead of sending a text message, perhaps a walk around the block in the fresh air, or sitting down with that book you've been wanting to read. Create some new habits that are healthy for your body, mind, and soul. When we make our well-being a priority, something AMAZING happens. We begin to look at life a little bit differently and our life begins to change. We may start to notice the beauty in our every day more than we ever have before and that changes everything!

Author: Sue Conder

Sue Conder is an experienced and successful fitness industry veteran with a mission and passion to inspire people to live stronger, healthier, more balanced lives for over 25 years. Sue's work background and extensive experience in fitness and wellness includes both corporate and private health and wellness program facilitation in both North America and Europe as well as owning and operating "Sue Conder Yoga and Wellness" since 2002. She is passionate about giving back with a significant amount of volunteer work and many more service related offerings. Sue is a CanFit PRO Trainer, Yoga instructor, Fitness and Nutrition Specialist with a Fitness Leadership & Recreation Diploma from Simon Fraser University and an Associate Science Degree from Capilano University.

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