How To Remain Calm, Cool and Collected During the Holiday Season


Most holiday challenges or 'stressors' are predictable because we feed into the pattern year after year. Are you ready for a change?  You can create new possibilities by following these THREE strategies to welcome the 'new'. 

The key to implementing a better strategy to manage the holiday season is to practice it beforehand, and not fall into the pattern of managing crisis or putting out fires.

  • Maintain self care and avoid an overstimulated mind-body state. Don't take on more than you can handle; which means learning to say 'NO', and setting personal boundaries. Commit to a schedule that includes quality sleep, moderate eating and avoid too much alcohol.
  • Identify the stressors and be intentional with time. Don't play into the 'rush' of the season or the concept of overindulging with food/drink. Meditate and breathe to avoid ruminating about stories of Christmas pasts that tend to put the brain in overdrive/overwhelm.
  • Remember that the season is temporary, so keep the window small and your schedule manageable. Remove yourself from stressful situations or people. Practice calming techniques such as breath work, in preparation for the holiday events or social gatherings.

Practice one or a combination of all three strategies above to have a positive holiday experience AND to remain calm, cool and collected.

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