5 Healthy Holiday Eating Tips


The holiday season is the most wonderful season of the year but does this mean that we are eating everything we lay our eyes on? How do we set healthy and mindful "boundaries" around food, what and how much? Here are some questions to consider which are really more about a mind shift then nutritional advice.

How can I create a more "ful(l)filling" holiday season?
Hint: Fill yourself with good company, sharing fond memories instead of making food the focus

How can I truly enjoy my holiday meals?
Hint: The magic word is "savor". Enjoy each bite of your food which means that you need to slow down to really taste the food, one bite at a time.

How can I eat a variety of foods and desserts during the holiday season?
Hint: Use a small plate and take appetizer-size bites of everything, yes, we are saying, anything you want to your heart's desire.

How do I know when I am physically full?
Hint: The trick here is to again use the small dessert plate and then waiting 20-30 minutes, while enjoying conversation, and asking yourself "am I still physically hungry or does my body feel satisfied". You can always choose to turn to a good conversation or a hot cup of tea.

How do I include my own "healthy" versions of what is being served to me?
Hint: Bring your own healthy holidays favorites to a party to share with others. We all love trying new things, right?

One last thing: Set some good intentions, what you intend doing for yourself, not others, before you attend a holiday event. Write it down and also why this is important to you to be committed to yourself while enjoying the holiday season!

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