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Navigating your teams wellness needs in a new work climate

Combating compromised health and well-being due to this COVID-19 working environment will need to be the focus of many employers this fall if they wish to keep working their way effectively through this uncertain climate. Pre-pandemic, many Canadian workers sought a flexible schedule that would allow for good work–life balance, but just over half of workers had this option (Graham Lowe Group). Over the last few months we have seen employees report an increase in stress and more anxiety, loneliness and burnout as a result of working from home long-term in isolation.

Emerging trends are showing that the new burnout is driven by uncertainty and fear of job loss; an inevitable blurring of work/life balance and isolation. Many are putting in longer hours to make themselves 'indispensable' in an attempt to secure their position. Many are also discovering that working with colleagues and clients via screens adds a greater strain and is much more tiring than face-to-face interactions, which we have evolved to be more accustomed to.

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