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Online group coaching programs are designed to help you create a solid foundation for lasting lifestyle changes in a safe and supportive group environment.

  • Discover what’s keeping you from reaching your goals
  • Learn how to be in control and overcome daily challenges
  • Set realistic goals for long term success
  • Experience enhanced self-confidence and personal value
  • Build support, accountability and community with others in the group
  • Recognize you are not alone
  • Gain peer support from others with similar experiences and stories

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Experience lasting results through permanent, positive, lifestyle changes supported by your personal certified health and wellness coach and easy to use, self-paced 12 Weeks to Wellness learning modules.



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The 12 Weeks program is developed by leading health and wellness professionals and incorporates the best in health and wellness, and change and lifestyle management practices. The program is based on the fact that lasting wellness comes from within and must be developed from the inside out. 

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What Our Clients Say

2018-10-12, 00:21
I have always been a little overweight and prone to laziness and loved fast food.....not a good combination! After signing up to the 12 weeks to … read more
2018-01-09, 05:35
The Coach's ability to hone in on the root of my problem was extremely helpful for me. She quickly provided me with some tools to help me change my … read more
2017-12-10, 09:23
The 12 Weeks Program really helped me make a sustainable change in managing my stress levels and staying on track with my exercise routine. I am very … read more


2020-02-20, 22:06
My weight is down over 20 lbs; I have more energy. I have more consistency in my routine and I have increased my resilience. I have a healthier routine in my life. My workouts are great; I feel 7-8 years younger from all I have achieved this year so far.
2020-01-05, 12:26
I'm a happier person after starting this program.