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davePerformance & Mindset Coach

Dave coaches people in building self awareness and self confidence, discovering their purpose, and creating the healthy habits necessary to achieve the success they’re craving. Dave also leads a men’s group with the Samurai Brotherhood, which focussed on creating better men through developing emotional intelligence and doing shadow work.

After spending 11 years in Whistler, BC as a professional skier and coach, Dave broke his neck in a mountain biking accident. In order to heal as quickly as possible, he dove into learning about health, nutrition, meditation and mindset, and chose to change his path and study life coaching, NLP, and personal training. Dave also does a lot of business focussed coaching, and has been a business mentor with Futurepreneurs and coached Landmark’s Self Expression and Leadership program.

Language: English


  • Meditation / Mindset
  • Self Awareness
  • Shadow Work
  • General Health and Wellness
  • Entrepreneurship