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12 Weeks to Wellness is a premier service that delivers online and telephonic wellness, health and life coaching to individuals, corporations and Employee Assistance providers.


Wellness and Health CoachingAn Inside-Out Approach

Our coaching embraces a holistic wellness philosophy that involves working with the individual with an "inside out approach": achieving small, incremental goals based on the individual's readiness, values, beliefs, pace, tolerance to change and priorities. This unique approach, combined with our own change and wellness workbooks result in a positive experience and a high level of lasting change.

Our coaching services support:

  • Helping participants make positive lifestyle changes
  • Shifting unproductive beliefs and attitudes
  • Helping individuals navigate through life milestones and changes
  • Improving healthy habits and coping skills
  • A comprehensive lifestyle and wellness change approach

Lasting Change

Acting on our proven coaching system, our certified change coaches ensure employees receive the best overall care, services, tools and directives to encourage and support the development of meaningful and lasting change.


  • Motivating the individual and supporting the development of new healthy techniques
  • Developing accountability and behaviors
  • Encouraging him or her to track their changes
  • Sharing and evaluating progress (and barriers), through reassessment of specific risks
  • Employing strategies to maintain progress

12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness Group Coaching

groups With our group coaching approach you’re not alone. Your coach is at your side providing, encouragement, feedback, proven tools and resources as you learn to apply the 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness strategies and tactics to your lifestyle.

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Ignite Your Wellness Today! 

Ready to take your health and well-being to the next level? Set a winning plan with “Ignite My Wellness” coaching and change services.

As an entry level “action planning” process and a springboard to launching a lifestyle change initiative, Ignite My Wellness may be what you are looking for.

This “first step” on your road to wellness supports the beginning stages of long term success and provides a structure from which to move forward with confidence towards healthy, lifestyle change.

Ignite My Wellness
Working with a certified health and wellness coach to help create realistic and attainable goals for a plan for lasting change, you will follow a step by step, self-directed approach with proven online tools and resources to ignite behaviour change.

Ignite My Wellness is designed to kindle you or your team to be more engaged and energized to make positive healthy lifestyle changes. It starts with a 30-minute session with a certified health and wellness coach that will get you started on your path to: 

  • Setting effective healthy living goals
  • Gaining self-awareness and motivation for positive, healthy change
  • Making positive changes through an easy to use step by step approach to feeling great.
  • Feeling supported and motivated to achieve results

Program online tools & resources: (included in program rate)

  • Workbook
  • Goals and objectives forms
  • Resources and motivational tools

99.00 plus tax

One call is all it takes to get started. Our 12 Weeks to Wellness Coaching services suite empowers you with the information and support you need to take a comprehensive approach to behaviour change. We make it simple to get started and guide you step-by-step.

When you call our Client Services Centre, here’s what you can expect:

 1. We ask a few questions to make sure you receive the customized service that will be most helpful. Otherwise please feel free to leave a message so we can respond as soon as possible. Our call lines are private, confidential and secure.

2. We arrange consultation with our certified coach to begin the process with a readiness questionnaire and objective and goal setting exercises, outlining a self-directed personal plan for success.

 3. You also receive online tools and resources including expert tips on healthy living.

 Ignite My Wellness coaching services are offered over the telephone or other media with online support.

Ignite Your Wellness Today!

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