• Bettina Mackenbach, RD

    BettinaRegistered Dietitian, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

    Bettina is a Registered Dietitian, as well as a Certified Health & Wellness Coach with over 10 years of experience working with both adults and children. First and foremost, she makes the relationship with each client her priority knowing that everyone's journey will look different.  
    Her skills as a dietitian and coach help her to motivate her clients and spark their creative juices to pursue a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


    Bettina's specialties are:

    • Weight Management & Meal Planning
    • Optimizing Work/Life Balance
    • Emotional Eating
    • Stress management
    • Management of Chronic Health Conditions & Food Allergies/Intolerances

  • Lynn Roodbol, CC, CWC, MRT(Ret)

    LynnCertified Wellness Coach

    Lynn loves to work with people who want to live a healthier lifestyle and co-create simple ways to make small changes that add up to big benefits. She has personal experience of making lifestyle changes which can prevent disease and raise our quality of life. Lynn has worked and volunteered in the health care field, and is currently working on a degree in Adult Development at the University of Guelph.


    Lynn's specialties help you to:

    • Create a vision for yourself
    • Be your own best friend 
    • Develop habits for a healthy lifestyle
    • Set priorities and boundaries

  • Minda Miloff, M.A Educational Technology, CPC

    MindaCertified Professional Coach & Performance Specialist

    Minda works to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. She loves to help clients shift into a high performance mode to accomplish new goals, leaving you excited, energized  and enthusiastic by the  opportunities before you.


    Minda’s specialities are:

    • Career Insight and Improved on-the Job Performance 
    • Time Management and Organizational Skills
    • Health and Wellness