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Mindfulness vs. Relaxation

Is Being Mindful and Relaxed the Same Thing?

The short answer is “no”.

Simply put, being mindful is being aware, and being relaxed is to be free of tension.

Being mindful is to become aware of how you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, and increasing awareness of your environment. Being mindful is tuning in to how you are experiencing the present moment and reserving judgment. That might mean becoming aware that you are pretty chilled out, or the exact opposite, maybe you’re all revved up!

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#LetsTalk World Health Day

Today, around the world, people are being asked to recognize the importance of health. The World Health Organization chooses a new topic each year to focus on, drawing attention to what is currently having a major impact. This year is depression. According to WHO, depression is the leading cause of ill-health and disability worldwide. More than 300 million people are now living with depression. 

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High Functioning, Low Fun?

I often coach people who are totally oriented to achievement. "Where is the joy or fun in your life?" I ask. "It feels good to accomplish", they say. Of course it does; everyone would agree.  The trouble is if you get stressed and out of balance in the process of accomplishing something. Worse yet? Burnt out. Case in point- sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise are often the first things to go when your hair is on fire. Relationships and your social life may also suffer.

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If you could flip a switch to get to the state of health you want – would you do it? This sounds simple doesn’t it, and it actually works. It`s simply a matter of wanting something new and creating new habits. What’s complicated is when people want something new but also want to keep the old habits at the same time. Years ago when I was in poor health I learned how to flip the attitude switch; it took time and effort but I’ve been in good health for many years and the benefits are huge. You too can switch your mindset to help you build new habits and reach the place you want to be.

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